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Counseling with children can address a number of issues:

Poor school performance or behavior
Adjustment to divorce or parental separation
Sibling conflict or competition
Anxiety, worry, panic
Depression, sadness, tearfulness
Loss or trauma
Developmental issues
Defiance, aggression or destructive behavior

My approach: I believe that children want to do well though at times, they lack the skills to successfully meet expectations. In working with children, I emphasize a non-blaming, affirming approach and incorporate parents and caregivers throughout treatment.

Counseling with children is playful! Children learn and interact through play and storytelling. I use narrative therapy to make difficult issues and topics less threatening and to empower children to become the hero of their life story!

Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) is an evidence-based intervention I frequently use with children and their families. It emphasizes the development of positive communication and problem solving skills and is especially effective with children who struggle with defiance, overwhelming emotions and explosive behaviors.

What to tell a child before the first appointment: I reassure my young clients that coming to see me is NOT like seeing a doctor. We will talk and play and sometimes create art as we get to know each other. You can reassure your child that he or she will not need to be alone -- it is my preference to involve parents from the very beginning!

CPS Resources


The Explosive Child by Ross Greene, Ph. D

Lost at School by Ross Greene, Ph.D


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