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Adolescence can be an amazing period in a young person's life.  They are beginning to make their own way in the world, and at times, the going can get tough.

Common Concerns that bring teens into counseling include depression, anxiety, difficult life transitions, relationships and trouble at school, home or the community. Sometimes, it is  adult concerns that bring a teen in -- worry about a teen’s safety, health, happiness or future success.


Often a teen comes in to see a counselor at an adult’s request. Perhaps they would not choose counseling for themselves and are none to pleased to find themselves in a therapist’s office!

I believe it is important that a teenager feel that there is a good fit between their own needs and personality and that of their counselor if therapy is going to be beneficial. Like any relationship, it takes time to get to know one another and establish trust. I encourage reluctant teens to make a short term commitment of 2-3 sessions to determine whether we will work well together.  No strings attached. If it doesn’t feel helpful, I will assist you in finding other options and resources!

Parent and Family Involvement: It is common for teens to want to address their concerns without their parents present. I ask teens and parents to attend our first appointment together so that we can discuss important confidentiality issues as well as my policies/fee structure. A goal of treatment will be to involve the parents in future sessions or in family consultation.

Resources for Teens

Body Image and Acceptance
Drugs and Alcohol
Abusive Relationships
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